REJURANA Healer Nutritive Cream

REJURANA Healer Nutritive Cream


REJURAN® HEALER Nutritive Cream with c-PDRN®

C-PDRN® 0.2%

Highly concentrated nutrition cream that strengthens skin barrier by intensive nourishment.


What is skin regeneration cycle (turn over cycle)?

It usually takes 28days to form healthy skin cells and skin cell is self-eliminated and regenerated.
However, as the time passed and aged, the regeneration process proceeds slowly so that the dead skin cell do not
fall off and stick to the epidermis for a long time which causing skin looks more dull and rough.
Generally, in the 20s with healthy skin, 28 days is the skin regeneration cycle, but the cycle will be longer and slowed
to 50%  28 day regeneration cycle can be shortened or normalized  through intensive skin care that helps skin regeneration.


What is REJURAN Healer?

How to use



c-PDRN 0.2%



seed oil,

shea butter

REJURANA Healer Nutritive Cream

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