The Secret Behind Create Ion

Metamorphic rocks are released from magma deep within volcanoes, contained within these natural wonders are multi-element mineral ores.

We collected these metamorphic rocks from a specific location in Japan and developed "CREATE ION®", a patented technology that emits natural negative ion and far-infrared rays in a perfectly balanced ratio.

This unique "CREATE ION®" technology can be applied to any material such as metal, liquid, and fiber.


* Moisturize the hair without damaging









Emitting Far Infrared Ray

Hair tools with CREATE ION® TECHNOLOGY emit unique light called far infrared.

Breakdown of water clusters into micro fine particles

By vibrating the clusters on the surface of hair, and even the clusters in the air, far infrared rays break down the water clusters into smaller sizes.

Deep penetration of moisture into the hair shaft

Water particles that have been broken down can easily penetrate the hair shaft. These water particles bond with proteins, balancing the moisture level.

Tightens the cuticles and luminates the hair

Thanks to the coating effect of CREATE ION® TECHNOLOGY, cuticles on the surface of hair are closed and tighter, which gives hair a shiny, velvety, healthy look.




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