"We Think Your Balance"

A.by BOM cosmetics is a brand that takes care of people and nature. We hope for the harmonized worlds with the people and nature. We aim to create cosmetics that understands the human’s skin in depth beyond the space and time rather than merely bringing the brand names to the fore. We attempt to approach the customers with our high-quality products and high-class designs.



VOCATION                         VALUES                     BELIEF

                                VOCATION                                                                                                              VALUES                                                                                                   BELIEF

A.by BOM’s vocation resides in ‘Korean Aesthetics.’              A.by BOM, with its principle that ‘we don’t settle for the present,                  We believe that the customer is the priority of all,

              We aim for the essence at every level.                                                   otherwise will be dismissed and failed,’                                                  consider what the customers want,

                                                                                                                          pours the passion for the different and the better.                                           make the customers who choose

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             the A.by BOM think of us as the best.




                                                              A.by BOM Cosmetics’ 
                                                                natural ingredients



              GRAINS                                          VEGETABLE OIL                                   FLOWERS



A.by BOM Cosmetics, made of natural ingredients of the vegetable oils and extracts such as

rice, beans, camellia, jasmine, lotus, eoseongcho, black teas, endeavors for women’s healthy skin cares.

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