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Winged Radiance Facial Sheet Mask 0.85 fl oz (15mg CBD)

15mg CBD to help calm irritated skin.Snow Mushroom, Aloe & Shea Butter for deep hydration.Biocel..

Winged Radiance Facial Oil 1 fl oz (150mg CBD)

Revive dehydrated skin with 15 botanical oils.150mg CBD to soothe redness.Lightweight and suitable f..

Winged Radiance Youth Serum 1 fl oz (300mg CBD)

Concentrated blend of botanical extracts and oils for ultimate age defense.300mg CBD to support infl..

Winged Radiance Everywhere Lotion 8 fl oz (100mg CBD)

Body lotion rich in botanical oils and extracts for radiant skin.100mg CBD to help calm irritated sk..

Winged Radiance Body Oil 4 fl oz (100mg CBD)

Luxurious oil blend for total body deep hydration.100mg CBD to calm irritated or razor burned skin, ..