from the word ‘botanic’ : natural herb and plant




from the word ‘mouda’ : a Korean word with the meaning of collecting


We are a hypoallergenic naturalist skin care brand created by the combination of these two words.



Authentic Herb and Tea for your skin


BOTAMOA is started from a pure naturalist’s mind that combines clean ingredients of herbs and tea for the people who loves and cares their active life.


The basic skincare products of Botamoa include natural active ingredients that cares for tired skin from the stresses of everyday life and keep the skin condition clean and pure.



BOTAMOA 's Top Picks

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BOTAMOA Earl Grey Soothing Fluid

Moisturising, hydrating and nourshing. This multi-tasker soothing fluid helps restore moisture by bl..

BOTAMOA Earl Grey First Herb Essence

This watery essence toner with black tea extract is powerful for basic soothing care in daily skinca..

BOTAMOA Now and then steadily Enzyme Peeling Powder

This soft facial powder cleasner contains papaya enzymes gently clearing pores of dirt and debris fo..

BOTAMOA Make a complete recovery Repair Ampoule

This repair ampoule contains plenty of vegetable ingredients with Centella Asiatica Leaf Water and e..

BOTAMOA Simple is power Moisture Barrier Ampoule

This moisture barrier ampoule contains Low molecular hyaluronic acid keeping moisture deeply under t..