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Yuja Hydra Multi Gel Cream

An all-over hydrating cream that quickly penetrates skin with a refreshing finish to replenish moist..

Yuja Hydra Moisture Eye Patch

Anti-wrinkleFragrance:Yuja + K-HealingFeatures:[Energy booster eye patch] for dry and tired skinThis..

Yuja Hydra Mild Peeling Gel

A mild moisture gel exfoliator that smooths out the skin with gentle exfoliation and hydrates with y..

Yuja Hydra Mild Cleansing Foam

A refreshing cleanser that gently removes makeup and other impurities with fine grains that deeply c..

Yuja Hydra Essential Toner

A moisture-filled essential toner that hydrates skin to reveal a vibrant and radiant complexionBrigh..

Emotion Touch Hand Cream - Yuja Delight

A perfumed hand cream that moisturizes, smooths and adds charm to your hands with the refreshing sce..

Emotion Touch Hand Cream - Flower Bouquet

A perfumed hand essence that hydrates skin with a clean finish and adds charm with the beautiful sce..

Emotion Touch Hand Cream - Autumn Forest

A perfumed hand cream that melts on the skin with a profound woody fragrance to deepen your allure.F..

Rice Bran & Pearl Brightening Facial Mask

Whitening & Improving Skin TextureFragrance:K-Healing Forest fragrance + the scent of Jeju tangerine..

Pine-tree & Aqua Hydrating Facial Mask

Intensive MoisturizingFragrance:K-Healing Forest fragrance + the scent of zinnia elegansFeatures:[Pi..

Lotus Seed & Collagen Firming Facial Mask

Wrinkle Improvement & Prevention of AgingFragrance:K-Healing Forest fragrance and the scent of p..

Charcoal & Kelp Purifying Facial Mask

Soothing & Pore CareFragrance:K-Healing Forest fragrance and the scent of pine ink stickFeatures..

Yuja Hydra Sleeping Mask Out Of Stock

Yuja Hydra Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask that builds a moisturizing barrier overnight to reveal dewier and smoother skin the ..