Charm In Cell Cream

Charm In Cell Cream


  • Special high-enriched cream that makes skin dense with Charmzone's 9 innovative patented components: Toco Vita C, L-Procera, Jiyu, Crium extract, Fermented soybean hull, Persimmon leaf extract, Elm tree root extract, and Phytospingosine derivative.
  • It helps improve wrinkles and helps lighten up the skin. Charm In Cell's Skin Care System provides healthy energy, nutrition, and moisturization, and has brightening and skin-improving effects.
  • It also provides rich moisturization to the skin and helps skin texture become denser and tighter.


  • Volum: 60ml

How to use

1. Apply a moderate amount of the product to the entire face during day and night.

2. Pat gently to the face to increase adherence.

Charm In Cell Cream

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Country of Origin South Korea South Korea
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