Since the Establishment of Pharmacist & Health Corporation in 2014, “Cellromax” was registered as the trademark of the company with a Grand Vision to supply the highest quality NUTRACEUTICAL and COSMECEUTICAL products in order to bring a better life to people.

Our reputation is built on our unique formula and strategy to use natural ingredients in our products to meet our customers’ needs and demands. Since 2018, over 2,500 affiliate pharmacies in Korea have joined Celllromax in the journey of treating and preventing diseases to patients. As a result, Cellromax experienced a rapid growth rate and remained competitive in the pharmaceutical industry.

To support this growth, the company extended its market to Doota Duty-Free Shop in South Korea. By using natural ingredients, CELLROMAX offers more than 150 products: 70 kinds of health functional foods, 65 cosmeceutical products, and 15 other products for home supplies. Among cosmeceutical products include creams, cleansers, body lotions, toners, moisturizers, gels, foaming products, masks, balms, mist and more. Our management philosophy lies in the following values:

The Trust: We are earning trust from professionals (Pharmacists) and B2B customers.

The best: We are using our unique formula with natural ingredients.

The pride: We aim to bring pride &confidence in our customers and pharmacists across the world by delivering products in the Prevention&Treatment of Disease.



Cellromax 's Top Picks

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Cellromax Safety Expansion For Man(15ml 0.50fl. oz)

-Cellromax Safety Expansion for Man is a Safe and long-lasting solution for a healthy and vibrant li..

Cellromax Venus Safety Expansion(15ml 0.50 FL.OZ)

-Venus Safety Expansion is a long-lasting moisturizer which helps women’s Y zone remain health..

Cellromax Repair Cream (15ml 0.50 FL.OZ)

By containing madeka base materials, this cream relieves all parts that need recovery. Cream capable..

Cellromax Foot Exfoliant (50ml 1.69 FL. OZ.)

Cellromax Foot Exfoliant is the Best Foot Exfoliant for Male and Female. Pure and Natural to soften ..

Cellromax Vitamin K Cream (15ml 0.5 FL. OZ.)

Cellromax Vitamin K Cream is used to brighten dark spots or after the cosmetic procedure and contain..

Cellromax Creme De Fill Up (50ml, 1.69 FL. OZ.)

This cream provides rich nutrition with its crude oil and amino acid complex, boosting the skin with..

Cellromax Venus Rose (5ml 0.16 FL.OZ)

An aroma essential oil product which is convenient when managing the Y zone by applying one drop on ..

Cellromax SOS Therapy Spot Care (6.5ml 0.22 FL. OZ)

It is a Spot product. Better for Acne Prevention/. It moisturizes with Lavandula Angustifolia (Laven..

Cellromax SOS Therapy Pore Cleanser (100ml 3.38 FL. OZ.)

This cleanser makes a clean skin environment by effectively eliminating sebum and bodily waste ..

Cellromax Brightening Facial Pack (60ml 2.02 FL.OZ)

This Facial Pack soothes and cleans the skin by softly getting rid of the dead skin cell.Brightening..

Cellromax Foot Cleanser Exclusive (150ml 5.07 FL. OZ.)

A foot special cleanser that does not leave any dirty feelings by eliminating dead skin cells and bo..