Super Food Biotin + Essence Body wash 480ml

Super Food Biotin + Essence Body wash 480ml


"Body wash to wash with essence"
Soap is 100%, so fluffy dense foam wraps your body comfortably, and the finish is slippery as if your body was washed with essence.

By blending 10 types of superfood ingredients * and adjusting the composition of the soap ingredients, we realized a fluffy and dense foam. Leaves moisture necessary for skin while gently removing dirt.
The scent of lime and lavender.

* Superfoods: Aristeria Chirensis fruit extract (moisturizing), tea leaf extract (moisturizing), acai palm fruit extract (moisturizing), arge extract (moisturizing), pomegranate peel extract (moisturizing), spirulina platensis extract (moisturizing), turmeric root Extract (moisturizing), aloe vera juice (moisturizing), coconut oil (conditioning), hydrolyzed quinoa seeds (moisturizing)

How to use

Take an appropriate amount on a wet hand or towel and foam well. Wash your skin like a massage, and then rinse thoroughly.


Water, lauric acid, myristic acid, hydroxylated K, glycerin, palmitic acid, sea salt, biotin, apple fruit cultured cell extract, acai palm fruit extract, alge extract, aloe vera leaf extract, palm oil, tea leaf extract, aristeria chillensis fruit Extract, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Quinoa Seed Extract, Spirulina Platensis Extract, Turmeric Rhizome Extract, Lactobacillus / Grape Juice Fermented Liquid, Grape Vine Extract, Glycyrrhizic Acid 2K, (Caprylyl / Capryl) glucoside, Laurylglucoside, Trehalose, Grapefruit peel oil , Aomoji fruit oil, lime oil, orange peel oil, atlas cedar bark oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, scented oil, ginger root oil, fragrance, BG, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, xanthan gum, lecithin, methokki Methyl butanol, citric acid, EDTA-2Na, phenoxyethanol

Super Food Biotin + Essence Body wash 480ml

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